Breed Standards

1. Standard of Excellence

Cattle should be of the following standard:

GENERAL APPEARANCE: All cattle should be well balanced with length, width, spring of rib and smoothness. Undue deposits of fat must be avoided.

COLOUR: Grey Cattle may be silver grey, grey, dark grey, or dun. Some white on the underbody is permissible but white elsewhere shall disqualify. Black cattle, the progeny of "A", "B" or "C" class females shall not be accepted.

HEAD: Cattle must be naturally poll, with good length from eye to muzzle. The muzzle must be dark in colour, not flesh coloured or spotted. The jaw must be strong, neither undershot or overshot. The eyes should be clear, alert and set wide apart. The ears must be well placed.

LEGS: the legs must be well placed. The animal should stand true i.e. equally on all parts of the foot and feet should be dark in colour and well formed.

SKIN: Pink skin in most undesirable. Skin should be dark coloured, loose and supple.

All cattle must be of good constitution.

Animals exhibiting double muscling characteristics (muscular hypertrophy) will not be accepted for entry in the Herd book, and if entered unknowingly. May be removed from the HerdBook on the instructions of the Council of the Society.

2. Performance Testing

Members may be required to have their cattle performance tested under the Meat & Livestock Commission Testing Scheme or any Scheme substituted therefore.